We connect customers to brands using full-colour data

We’re a data-driven marketing agency, and for a decade our mission has been to help brands build strong connections with consumers, attract new customers, keep valuable frequent buyers and win-back old customers.

Why you need full-colour data

It allows you to see customers as real people, not just generic segments. It sheds a light on their tastes, attitudes as motivations as well as revealing their demographics and preferred means of communication and purchase.


Full colour also means interrogating your brand data, to see where its values and proposition connect with customer needs and where they don’t. It can even drive product development.

How we develop a full colour image

Today’s challenge is to make sense of a mountain of data. Our experienced analysts know where to find the nuggets in customer and campaign data and where they need supplementing with other sources such as qualitative and desk research.


They then apply Evidential Marketing to those key sources, exploiting well-proven tools combining profiling and data mapping. To add more colour, they’ll commission insight panels to research and monitor attitudes and trends.


The evidence feeds into our ZebraDash that unites creative, media and digital insights, to deliver a dynamic test and learn evaluation centre, so we can continually review activity based on real time results.

What full colour data allows you to do

  1. Improves targeting – creating distinct personas for segments – so we know which customers we can best connect with and what will make them connect and when.
  2. Drives communications strategy – validating propositions and producing effective customer journeys across the channels that have been shown to work best.
  3. Supports media planning – which mix of digital, social, direct and brand media will prove most effective.
  4. Informs creative briefing – the propositions, benefits, offers, imagery, tone and style – that will make the best connections. And we employ creative teams who understand how to interpret data to guide their work.