Brand Fans: A New Report on Customer Loyalty

YouGov ought to know plenty.

Loyalty is one area they’ve been exploring recently; especially with the GDPR in action. The market research giants have published a report laying out key insights into the consumers most receptive to loyalty schemes, and where to place their value.

Here’s what they found:

Women are the key audience.

In a Tale of Two Genders (sorry, Dickens) the data claims that 85% of woman are members of a loyalty programme, versus 70% of men.

Women under 25 are more resistant than those above – there might be a stigma in giving out information to brands after first contact for younger consumers.

People who haven’t yet joined will prefer shopping with cash. And it’s all brands – not labels – from then on.

Key Traits

Only 13% of loyalty scheme members exhibited the traits brands look for: referrals, emotional connection and frequent spending. Frequent spending trumps the three; implying that customers are having difficulties buying into the brand’s identity.

Boots advantage is the most popular with participants who aligned themselves with all three traits. Convenience and salience at the fore-front?

Age counts

Age isn’t often the biggest factor in determining whether people are loyalty scheme members.

But that’s different in retail, restaurants and groceries. Older consumers prioritise restaurants, coffee shops and supermarkets in their loyalty memberships. According to YouGov, those under 44 will lean towards high street retailer programmes.

Gifts and Discounts

Discounts are still the main draw of loyalty schemes. 87% of those surveyed wanted a brand to offer reduced prices, and 56% looked for rewards redeemable with other brands. Over half think they deserve freebies.

Exclusive access and premium service (looking at you O2) did worse off. Less than a quarter of people showed interest in either.

You can download the whitepaper here.

But as always, if you need to discuss how &You will be using this insight – and our own – in crafting successful loyalty schemes and CRM programmes, you can reach us here.

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