COVID-19 Consumer Spending Report – Part 4

In which sectors have you spent money in the last month?

64.2% of the population (32.6m) have continued to spend, but Covid-19 has shifted spend particularly away from travel (only 3.7%) to more ‘mindful’ pursuits, such as:

  • Gardening (20.1m) – good for mental health
  • Charities (17.2m) – feeling good about helping others
  • Health & Wellbeing (16.2m) – taking better care of oneself

The 8.4m people who have been ‘Furloughed’ have continued to spend money, but on selected areas:

  • Car Repairs – Where essential
  • Fitness – As they now have more time
  • Home Improvement – Projects to keep them mentally busy
  • Clothes – Some (Online) retail therapy

Whilst those who have increased spending on ‘Health & Wellbeing’ (16.2m) are:

  • Working as normal – doing their best to stay healthy
  • Keyworkers – who face risk to their health daily
  • Furloughed – taking the chance to be healthier

And there is an increase in people prioritising ‘Savings & Investments’ (15.3m) who are from a range of current job situations:

  • Working as normal – saving to build financial resilience
  • Keyworkers – Working more, earning more & less time to spend
  • Furloughed – being prudent in case they become redundant