Data Intelligence

Our Evidential Marketing approach we have developed over the past 10 years looks at every connection between customer and brand to develop a framework that enables better conversations to drive, acquisition, retention and advocacy.


We do this by firstly building a thorough understanding of your audience and using that insight to create emotional connections with them. We then apply ‘Return on Intelligence‘ to give your business the tools to continuously evolve campaigns to deliver the maximum profitability and improve performance by transforming your data into full colour communications.


Data Inspector

Identify your data stage, uncover customer-led opportunities and understand which segments require the most focus


  • Data stage identification
  • Data health check
  • RFV analysis
  • Database/ Product Segmentation

Customer Profiling

Maximise the effectiveness of your data and enrich your audience understanding to improve engagement and have better conversations


  • Audience Profiling
  • Customer portraits
  • Geo-demographic modelling
  • Customer/ location mapping

CX Insights

Understand what your customers really want, develop strategies steeped in evidence and never second guess your marketing strategy

  • YouSay Insight panels
  • Focus groups
  • Message & proposition testing
  • Semiotic and phycological analysis


Support business growth with intelligent thinking, identify best new sites rich in customers who match your brand profile

  • Acquisition and matched data buying
  • Data Mapping tools
  • New store location targeting

CRM & Retention

Optimise customer journeys to keep customers for longer, increase spend and reduce churn through effective CRM and content strategies

  • Customer journey planning
  • eCRM
  • Programmatic direct mail

Creative Smarts

Improve planning, targeting and design stand-out creative campaigns that hit the mark and resonate with your customers

  • Media planning
  • Proposition development
  • Evidence-led brand strategy
  • Direct creative development


Measure the true effect of your campaigns to continuously learn and optimise your marketing campaigns


  • Test & Learn programmes
  • Attribution modelling
  • Programme Optimisation
  • Real-time feedback dashboards