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Brand Launch & Multichannel Acquisition – Generating over 100,000 customers in 6 months


FindYourPPI was a late entrant into the PPI market, looking to acquire customers quickly, and provide fast and customer-friendly service, doing away with the traditional perception of PPI companies being likened to ‘ambulance chasers’.


The objective was to sign up over 100,000 customers before the PPI deadline, getting a direct response from all communications. In order to achieve such a specific goal, all responses had to be measured accurately – requiring complete and sophisticated attribution and analysis.


Our solution was to create both an acquisition DM pack, in which we tested over 30 versions of different messaging and artworks, and support the acquisition mailing with targeted Radio and Digital in high propensity regions.

Our insights team took customer analysis, profiling and qualitative research to drive messaging briefs, and precise data selection to drive high volume DM, producing high response rates.

The aim was to use our live analysis platform to make agile decisions regarding targeting and creative to continuously react to the market, and to optimise response across all media.


Within 6 months, FindYourPPI we have generated over 100,000 customers (and still growing).


A successful multichannel campaign, with the help of the authoritative and friendly voice of Sue Cook has put FindYourPPI firmly on the map with customers and has contributed to the brand being the most well regarded PPI company on TrustPilot.