Improving retention with integrated data marketing across social, email & direct channels

At &You London, we know that winning new customers is hard, but keeping them is an ongoing challenge and there’s no one channel that has the answer!

But data is the single DNA that should drive all CRM strategies to integrate all channels; Social, Email & Direct Channels.

For us, each channel plays its own important part:


Builds brand understanding consistently, and whilst it takes time, it forms strong connections with your most engaged consumers.  It fits effortlessly into their social time, when they are relaxed and can drive organic traffic to your website. Social data from these audience can be used to target lookalike audiences to win new customers. Insights are gained in real time and learning can be implemented quickly to benefit other channels. And finally, the right content can take off virally to give your brand a massive boost.

Email Marketing

Delivers frequency of contact at a low cost to drive instant responses with highly targeted messages.  Behavioural data can segment your database into those who are digitally engaged with you and others that aren’t.  Non-openers can be targeted by direct mail.  Email can connect directly with your Social content and forwarded to friends and family.

Direct Mail

With lockdown increasing the ‘Importance of home’ offline as a channel now offers significantly longer dwell times for existing customers to consider upsell & cross-sell offers. Where email and social channels are busy, in-home mailings have instant impact with less competing communications through the letterbox (unlike our Inboxes) and we’ve been delivering ROIs that now rival the other digital channels.

Why is direct mail now so effective?

  • 96% of mailings are opened and read according to the Royal Mail JICMail Tracker Survey
  • Mailings remain in our homes on tables for 8 to 9 days
  • On average they are looked at between 4 & 5 times each
  • 1 in 5 of us pass each mailing on to our friends & family
  • 5% of consumers are prompted to access their accounts, especially lapsed customers!
  • 7% are prompted to make a purchase

What next?

For us, the brands who embrace data to drive their retention marketing will be the most successful brands.  We call it Evidential Marketing.

If you feel your retention plans need a fresh perspective, give us a yell and we’ll gladly talk to you informally about how we might be able to help.

With over a decade of experience, we’ve worked with many brands who’ve now started to reap the rewards from integrating ‘offline’ and ‘digital’ channels to deliver better CPA’s and ROIs.

For more information, please contact Nic Edwards, who started &You London.

Email:  Mobile:  07540 837358