Data profiling and segmentation, Integrated campaign strategy, Creative

Connecting an integrated media journey


The brief was to gather insights into 7 key international corridors. To understand money transfer habits and the motivations and reasons behind different groups’ money transfers. We were supplied 2.7m customer records back to 2009 and were asked to answer 4 questions:

  1. How do customers transact with us?
  2. Who are our customers?
  3. What is the UK profile for Money Transfers?
  4. How do they think, feel & react to us?


We employed a mapping tool to identify the type of geo-demographic postcode areas that are MG strongholds. Data profiling allowed us to carry out detailed segmentation and recognize core demographics.

We then used an online survey to identify profiles of new audiences and to understand motivations and finally focus groups identified the key brand and product propositions which led to a series of tube panel advertisements.


Data mapping led to improved targeting for media spend in areas rich in customers (OOH, TCP, DM, Email, Social). We were able to enrich the database to optimize CRM marketing costs. Similarly, road testing messaging and channel in the research panels meant we were able to deliver stand out messaging which developed into creative for Outdoor, Tube Car Panels, Door Drops, Email & Social.


This was the first time that MoneyGram had used creative created externally from their in-house studio. The campaign resulted in an uplift in transfers across the target areas and improved future communications.