RFV Analysis, Insight Panel, Persona Development, Messaging Strategy

Uncovered new market for incremental gains


Netflights.com, an online travel company, supplying flights, hotels and holidays, were rich in high-quality data but lacked the internal resources to extract meaningful, actionable insights to form customer personas and inform marketing messaging across the business.


Our strategy was to identify the key existing customer groups by recency, frequency and value, to profile these segments in terms of demographics and lifestyles, plus understand where flights fit into their travel planning journeys. 
This approach involved using data analysis of existing datasets, profiling using our data mapping tools and combined with insight panels to survey attitudes and emotional engagement with the brand.


We identified not only who current customers were, but that incremental revenue could be generated by offering mid-haul, short break flight & hotel packages. 
This would also target new customers earlier in the planning journey and provide the evidence to develop the new brand proposition (developed by FKC).