Direct Mail, CRM, Profiling, Data Mapping

Papa Johns’ Direct Mail program delivered 14% redemption rates


Papa John’s had 300+ franchisees with disparate data sets and therefore were running inefficient marketing programmes.


PJ’s were losing money and didn’t have a centralised marketing hub to understand the effectiveness of this activity and needed to understand what was working and what wasn’t.



We connected the data streams to transform 23m transactions into a 2.5m single customer view database that drove direct mail, email and SMS and provided an accurate performance reporting platform.


  • Customer profiling identified top segments and new audiences
  • Mapping tools to target look-a-like prospects around franchise stores to generate new customers



The SCV database allowed targeted, optimised local store marketing and allowed head office the control to manage efficiencies across the estate.

Our profiling and mapping tools were also utilised to identify new store sites and hot postcodes for door drop and outdoor marketing.

We proved the validity of a direct marketing channel, delivering average responses rates of 14% and increased average order value across the estate.