GDPR Consultancy, eCRM, data strategy, creative

Utilising GDPR as an opportunity to get closer to customers


In the lead up to the GDPR deadline, Sk:n needed to engage as many of the customers on their database as possible. 

They had a large database, which was their primary marketing channel, but there was a risk that it would become significantly smaller post GDPR. Compliance with the regulations meant that revenues had dropped from their eCRM activity. We needed to address this by developing a strategy and provide guidance and creative outputs designed to leverage their customer relationships. 


  • Deliver data audit to identify exactly what customers would be in which categories
  • Run RFV segmentation and factor in engagement levels 
  • Build legitimate interest streams
  • Ensure the primary marketing channel was still delivering against income targets


We then put into place a full-scale eCRM campaign to reengage lapsed and unengaged customer segments. We completely redesigned their email programme to reengage customers by providing desirable, relevant content.

The new eCRM strategy, creative and content made them much more likely to opt-in to communications post-GDPR. 


By targeting the email content specifically to the relevant category of product or treatment for each customer, we were able to refine and streamline communications according to their best interests.


More targeted and engaging email content achieved 30% increase in open rates, across the campaign. We achieved this from a previously unengaged audience group and prompted a significant number of click-throughs to opt-in to marketing emails after GDPR.


Despite a large portion of the database was disregarded as non-engaged, the email metrics saw little impact and there was no negative impact on bottom line. Proving that a clean, efficient and segmented data strategy not only delivers against revenue KPIs but also reduces negative brand association.