&You London’s Top 5 Data Marketing Trends 2019

Roll up, roll up and a Happy New Year to all. 2019 has arrived and with it our Top 5 Data Marketing trends to get you through these dark January days.

2019 is also &You London’s 10th year trading, so good on us! – hooray!?

Our world of data marketing continues forward at a rapid pace, big changes in regulation are now in force, with last year’s GDPR, and not to mention the joys of ePrivacy on the horizon this year. Our compliance specialists will keep you up to date with all the latest consultations as we move through Q1.

Back to the fun stuff, here is our list of things to look out for in 2019.

1.    A boom in new data-driven broadcast advertising channels will require a data-first strategy

“Advertiser-funded video on demand (AVoD) is outpacing other paid media with spend set to double to $47bn by 2023 worldwide, according to WARC’s latest Global Ad Trends report.”


With Hulu, HBO, Amazon, Sony and Now TV all rumoured to be getting in on the act with AVoD platforms this year, marketers will be more enabled than ever to target engaging video content to individual user profiles. Imagine Sky AdSense but tailored to each user in the house!

And with no subscription fees, it’s free to use, so expect mass market take up to be instant.

2.    Direct Mail x Video formats will (at last) hit the mainstream

I’ve had numerous debates over the past few years about recommending DM x AR to our clients. The key issue… not enough penetration of AR readable apps on your average Joe’s smartphone.

This could all be about to change. Apple et al appear to be beginning to take AR very seriously with the arrival of ARKit 2 on iOS 12 in Sept 2018. Once IOS and Android, build AR features into their operating systems, expect to see a boom in advertising opportunities connecting off and online. And all trackable too. Ooof.

3.    Attribution and ROI more important than ever

With so many channels now available to marketers, brand managers can be forgiven for getting slightly lost in the whirlwind of ‘inception-level’ integrated campaigns. Econsultancy are reporting this to be the biggest challenge for both advertisers and brand managers, this year.

It is therefore vital that as agencies we are using our experience of past campaigns to draw up accurate attribution models for each channel we employ.

Late Q1 2019 will see the launch of &You London’s ZebraDash that will harness all marketing and business activity in a real-time dashboard – so keep your ear to the ground for the first release! We will be providing a number of free test trials.

To request a demo – fill in the form on our contact page or email will@andyou.london.

4.    Communication relevancy will be essential (both in terms of credibility and legality!)

2018 saw GDPR, this year we will be subject to the joys of ePrivacy! As ever &You London will be reporting on all of the consultation updates, so stay tuned.

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of their ability to turn off irrelevant communications and with the uptake in automated processing, this represents both a challenge and an opportunity for brands and agencies. Having a thorough understanding of your customer segments and a knowledge of their motivations means communications can be more personal than ever. Get it wrong and your customers will move to your competitors for better experiences.

5.    Consumers will demand a sustainability position from an ever-increasing number of brands

We are seeing more and more brands in food, fashion and business turn their agendas to create more ethical models.

In fashion, we have seen a boom in brands like Patagonia and Banana Republic who put sustainability at the forefront of their messaging. In food, we are currently experiencing a huge rise in Veganism – not to mention the ‘Alt-Milk’ revolution.

Consumers are becoming more impassioned as content is highlighting how much strain big business put on our planet.

As a planet-friendly agency, we expect our partners, suppliers and clients to make a commitment to ethical trading. Recently, we implemented a potato starch wrap for a client to replace the poly their existing collateral goes to market in!

That’s about it for this week, thanks for tuning in. We will be back at the end of the year to see how 2019 panned out for the marketing world!

Until next time.